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January 18 2016


Rick Sanchez gets fired by CNN: Calling Jon Stewart a 'bigot' and more

Rick Sanchez will be needing to take his Rick's Checklist to end up being able to a fresh network. Term provides fall in the top of CNN to let everybody know these people didn't consider as well kindly for you to Rick Sanchez's words this week on Sirius Radio plus they have terminated him.

In a really straight forward press release, the actual CNN netowrk let Sanchez he is moving forward efficient immediately.

Rick Sanchez is actually will zero longer with the company. We thank Rick pertaining to his numerous years of services so we wish him well, your statement said.

The interview with Pete Dominick definitely turned a number of heads and had been expected to trigger controversy, however as we know the planet associated with news has plenty involving political energy also as vast majority clout. This kind of left Sanchez to be able to fend with regard to himself right pirate king cheats after the language around the present as well as leaving CNN no alternative following the public uproar.

The exact quote that got Rick Sanchez fired:

To the particular extent Jon Stewart and Colbert tend to be exactly your same way. I believe Jon Stewarts a new bigot.

Next moment we opt to attack Jon Stewart remember he's really connected. or so it would seem.

January 14 2016


Judge rules video of Chicago police shooting can be released

Judge guidelines video involving Chicago police shooting could be introduced - Yahoo News

By Mary Wisniewski

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A New federal judge ruled upon Thursday which video footage of your fatal Chicago police shooting of your black adolescent throughout 2013 may be launched as protesters renewed criticism associated with Mayor Rahm Emanuel for your handling associated with police killings.

Images from neighborhood surveillance cameras showing the particular killing regarding Cedrick Chatman, 17, within January 2013 had been sealed beneath a protective order.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman comes with Emanuel and also the police department previously under stress in the 2014 fatal police shooting of 1 other teenager. The Particular video of this killing had not necessarily been released until final November.

Gettleman said with a hearing in Thursday that releasing your Chatman videos wouldn't normally restrict obtaining impartial jurors to get a civil suit brought through the teenager's family.

Lawyers for the area said they will would distribute the video afterwards Thursday.

Protesters from Thursday's hearing called regarding Emanuel much more action for you to reform the authorities department.

For weeks protesters have been demanding Emanuel step down over his handling with the 2014 police killing of Laquan McDonald, 17. Activists also want State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, whom blocked release of your McDonald video for a year, to become able to resign.

Black pastors and also neighborhood leaders mentioned moviestarplanet cheats they would boycott Emanuel's annual Martin Luther King prayer breakfast in Friday in order to protest the city's handling regarding police shootings.

Lawyers for Chatman's mother, that brought the lawsuit against the metropolis over her son's shooting, the videos contradict statements simply by police which Chatman, the carjacking suspect, had pointed a new dark object at them.

An attorney for your police officers stated the videos will support their own story.

Also about Thursday, the particular Cook County medical Examiner introduced autopsy reviews within the Dec. 26 police shooting associated with black pupil Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and his neighbor Bettie Jones, 55.

The reviews showed LeGrier was shot six times, such as as soon as in the chest and also twice in the back. Jones, who police say ended up being shot simply by accident, ended up being hit when inside the chest.

LeGrier's father had called 911 for you to say his son ended up being threatening him having a baseball bat. He inquired Jones to keep the lookout pertaining to police.

Emanuel fired his police chief throughout December and it is seeking a brand new superintendent for that 12,000-strong force, which in turn features a history of complaints regarding abuse.

The Justice Department is actually investigating Chicago police use associated with lethal force. Much More than 400 people have been shot inside the metropolis by the police within the past eight years, regarding 75 % of them black.

(Reporting by Fiona Ortiz; Extra reporting by Justin Madden; Editing simply by Bill Trott)

Society & CultureCrime & JusticeRahm EmanuelChicago police

January 10 2016



Byline: Lori Moody Day-to-day Information Staff Author

For greater than 3 decades, Harry Bachrach, 73, and his wife, Cecelia, 63, was able to exist without air conditioning in their Studio Metropolis home.

Last yr has been their particular breaking point. Harry Bachrach's health had worsened - he suffered heart disease - and the last thing he and his awesome wife desired to handle has been unbearable indoor heat.

So the couple finally splurged about central air conditioning.

``We're certainly not used to it yet,'' Harry Bachrach said. ``I'm sure from the end of this summer, we'll say `How come we didn't put it throughout earlier?' ''

Central air and window units, ceiling fans as well as portable blowers. If you're like your vast majority of San Fernando and also Santa Clarita Valley homeowners, you're needs to glance at the heat about making the cool option for this summer.

``Different individuals have different resistances to the heat,'' mentioned John Krigger, author regarding ``Your home Cooling Power Guide'' (Saturn Useful Resource Management; $12.50). ``It's a very private along with individual kind involving thing.''

Whatever your decision may be, make it soon. while early spring as well as fall work best occasions to consider the cooling system because contractors aren't therefore busy, sweltering temperatures have previously prompted homeowners to storm nearby residence stores as well as AC companies for short- along with long-term solutions.

There could be various other reasons to create such cool investments.

``For the most part, in order to offer a house in Southern California, you have to possess central air conditioning,'' mentioned Bob Wiseman, owner associated with Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning. ``One involving the items why individuals are afraid of relocating to the San Fernando Valley will end up being the heat.''

Maximum conditions: Twenty-five many years ago, ten % regarding U.S. homes had central air conditioning. Today, 44 % have central air, according to the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute, a new nonprofit manufacturers' group.

Sounds just like they're onto something.

Peggy Hurdle, who has lived in her West Hills home with regard to 23 years, would not go back in order to an existence in the Valley with out central air conditioning.

``We failed to possess it within our former home in Sepulveda along with it was terrible,'' your woman said. ``When I had been pregnant, I had to stay with my mother for any time.''

Anyone planning to stay place in their homes for more than five years - and whom simply hates your Valley heat - might want to invest in the central air system which has any Seasonal energy Efficiency rating (SEER) regarding 10 or even higher, according to ``Your House Cooling energy Guide.'' The Actual SEER ranges via ten to 16-1/2, and the higher it goes, the actual costlier it gets.

``I use five-years as getting a breaking point,'' Wiseman said. ``After a few years, you're heading to make again the real difference in energy savings. It's worthwhile to create the particular investment in advance because you are particular in order to get much better equipment and also energy savings.''

A central air system which utilizes active ductwork and also electrical panels - and doesn't require asbestos removal - could cost $3,600 to $4,000, Wiseman said.

``The greatest industry is the retrofit market, going for a house without ac and also converting it for you to a house with central air conditioning,'' Wiseman said. ``Still, these days in the San Fernando Valley, there are possibly more homes with out air conditioning as compared to together with air conditioning.''

Costs can easily escalate if asbestos was utilized inside the insulation round the duct work. That has to be removed by a certified organization for an additional $1,000 as well as less.

``Unfortunately within the San Fernando Valley, virtually any residence built prior to 1968 I will give a 90 % chance they've asbestos,'' Wiseman said.

Older homes also typically need the upgrading involving electrical panels.

Those fortunate to possess central air within the very first place might want an upgrade. Hurdle, pertaining to instance, not too long ago upgraded hers to an even more effective model along with zone control.

``We may heat as well as air situation one ground or both, so we hope that it will minimize our power bill,'' the lady said.

GenPerally, to be able to figure out what size air conditioner a person need, figure in one ton involving cooling capacity for each 400 to be able to 500 sq . ft . regarding space, Wiseman said. If any product is as well small, it is certainly not heading to cool the house properly. In case it is as well large, it's heading to cool too rapidly before shutting off.

``You have this hot-cold, hot-cold feeling,'' Wiseman said. ``The best will be when you dimension it properly consequently the system will cycle through 10 minutes up to an hour.''

Whatever anyone do, find a contractor to end up being able to figure out what system will best fit your own needs. As Well As in case you are thinking about expensive systems, get multiple bids, Wiseman said.

``You never want to continue 1 person's advice,'' he said. ``I visit a large quantity of people who're extremely disappointed when they just take the lower price.''

Beyond that, contemplate whether central air can be genuinely your extremely best protection for that summer, said Krigger involving ``Your House Cooling energy Guide.'' Central air could waste any great offer of energy, particularly if this has not been appropriately installed or perhaps routinely maintained.

Homeowners should look at additional ways to minimize the summer heat, that could not merely make positive they are really feel much a lot more comfortable but also reduce upon their particular cooling costs.

``Your primary concern is solar power heating the actual house,'' he said. ``The much more (homeowners) may block it out, the particular much less they'll require air conditioning and the cooler they'll be.''

Trickle-down effect: Evaporative or even swamp coolers, that in many cases are found in older homes, supply a cheaper approach to cool the home. the unit cools air by simply forcing it via the water-soaked absorbent pad.

There are the handful of negatives. Evaporative coolers use with regards to 16 percent of the electricity of air conditioners nevertheless use via 5 in order to 15 gallons of water per day, according towards the Department of Drinking Water along with Power.

``They function by simply enhancing the humidity,'' Wiseman said. ``It's anything complex than that. Upon extremely dry days, that they work. About humid days, they're worthless.''

Goldie Druyun, 83, associated with Van Nuys is actually stopping the girl swamp cooler - the second installed in the woman's own home -P for any central air-conditioning unit.

``The occasion has come, I want something with regard to when we have these hot, humid days,'' she said. ``(Central air conditioning) is practically 3 x as much,'' your woman said. ``I figure from my age, I'm eligible for one thing cooler.''

Replacing a swamp cooler may cost $1,000. Installing a brand name new one, such as duct work, could expense $2,200 to always be able to $2,500.

If you've got the particular know-how, home Depot throughout Canoga Park presently features a pair of roof-mounted models, costing $232 along with $359. The Majority Of customers buy these to replace previous units.

``You really have to have a certain amount of expertise (to install them),'' stated House Depot shop manager Dennis Rydgren.

Pump up the volume: Any heat pump, which usually is a heating and cooling unit in one, is an additional selection for homeowners.

In the actual summer, your system gathers heat from the air inside your residence along with carries it outside. The Particular method can be reversed within the winter by simply extracting heat through outside air via the refrigeration cycle and bringing it inside. Your products are well-liked around the East Coast.

``(In this area), that they really are usually a good alternative where there is no natural gas,'' said Wiseman regarding Canoga Park Heating & Air Conditioning.

But allow the buyer beware: A New heat pump expenses concerning exactly the particular same like a central air conditioner.

``What it can aid for you to save you about the installation is actually nothing compared for the electric bills,'' said Wiseman, whom sells and also install such systems.

There will be some respite on costs. Southern California Edison Co., which in turn serves Ventura County and also most of Los Angeles County, except for Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale, offers any $185 rebate to customers who substitute their particular outdated heat pumps along with new, energy-efficient models.

The plan relates to new methods bought through Nov. 30 and also installed simply by Dec. 31. Residents must call Edison before purchasing the unit.

It started in by means of the particular window: Space air conditioners continue being a popular, less-expensive alternative for you to central air. Regarding 31 percent regarding households inside the U.S. have such units, mentioned AlaPne Mackay with the Chicago-based Association of House Appliance Manufacturers, an sector trade group.

These self-contained units usually are generally easy to install - stick in the window along with shut throughout place, in accordance with home Depot's Rydgren. Brackets tend to be included for you to keep the weight. The Actual store features window air conditioners which range from $227 to end up being able to $500 along with installation kits tend to be included.

Room air conditioners carry an Power Efficiency Score (EER). Provided our soaring Valley temps, its better to select one with an EER over 10.

Units delivering 5,000 in order to 6,000 BTUs(British thermal units) each hour may cool a little bedroom or even study, according to Consumer Reports. Each As Well As Every additional 50 to end up being able to 100 square feet would need an additional 1,000 BTUs regarding capacity.

For assistance, the Association involving home Appliance manufacturers offers a low-cost worksheet to figure out what kind of system will work best for you.

The sized the unit will be according to the variety of factors, such as the particular number of people living within the home, other electrical equipment inside use, the variety of windows along with publicity in order to heat.

Fan the actual heat: Ceiling fans are usually well-liked by homeowners seeking to circulate air, keep cool from night or to adopt your place associated with air-conditioning units, mentioned Marc Coria, manager associated with Olde Tyme Ceiling Fan Co. in Woodland Hills. Olde Tyme's ceiling fans range via about $109 in order to $800, but some can be found with regard to as small as $24.95 from Kmart.

They can become used year-round. Throughout your winter, ceiling fans built with reverse switches may take hot air as well as pull it down in the ceiling. Bedrooms are generally one with the most widespread places for ceiling fans, followed by dining and also living rooms.

``The principal thing inside picking any ceiling fan will be to make positive anyone can get parts as well as services in it, since it can be mechanical and can break down,'' Coria said.

Check the actual warranty about the motor as well as the degree of blade pitch, which usually determines simply how much air is moved. Ceiling fans shouldn't wobble when installed.

As for that size, Coria recommends a P42-inch fan with regard to rooms which are 10 feet by 10 feet along along with a 52-inch unit pertaining to rooms which are 12-by-12.

``If your living area can be also small, and has a low ceiling, such as 7 feet, I wouldn't normally recommend hanging a new fan because you wouldn't be in a position to get it close sufficient for the ceiling,'' Coria said.

If that will be not sufficient ...: Portable fans remain the most expeditious solution to tepid temperatures.

Kmart throughout Northridge sells a variety, from 7-inch fans pertaining to $9.97 and also 20-inch box fans for $19.99 in order to dual window fans for $49.95.

``I cannot maintain the counter full,'' mentioned Dave Opfer, appliance manager in the price reduction store. ``They're offering faster than we can position them out. It's cheaper when compared with running your own air conditioner.''

Indeed. The Particular DWP figures the circulating fan costs 1 cent one hour for you to run, in comparison using a 3-ton central air conditioner, that can cost 55 cents hourly to run.

Oscillating fans, floorboards fans and other air-circulating fans may be successful when employed by yourself or even in combination having an air conditioner, Krigger said.

``You can flip the thermostat up 4 degrees and also have the exact same Swamp Attack Hack amount of convenience using fans,'' he said.

Portable fans could be accustomed to lure cool night air. a ``wind-chill effect'' may be developed by installing ceiling fans and portable fans in every along with every room.

When money's tight: Consequently what's the cheapest approach of trying to always be able to keep cool?

Open the actual windows, according to the DWP. Simply doing which can conserve $20 a year inside a typical single-family home.

Open no much less than 2 windows - one to let your cool air in as well as the other permit your warm air out. Make certain any interior doors which may block the environment movement are generally open. The Particular window for your outgoing air should be higher than the window for the incoming cooler air because heat air rises.

Heat-busting assist Southern California Edison consumers interested in more info in regards in order to the heat pump rebate can contact (800) 736-4777 (English) or (800) 669-4144 (Spanish).

To order John T. Krigger's ``Your home Cooling Power Guide,'' contact (800) 735-0577.

The Association associated with Residence Appliance Suppliers can always be reached in 20 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, Ill. 60606 as well as (312) 984-5800. the Cooling Load Estimate form can become obtained simply by sending 35 cents along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

The Air Cooling & Refrigeration Institute is available by composing 4301 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 425, Arlington, Va. 22203, or perhaps through calling (703) 524-8800. Your fax range is (703) 528-3816.


2 Photos, Drawing, 3 Boxes

Photo: (1--Cover--Color) KEEPING YOURCOOL

No must remain inside your icebox this summer. with the best air-conditioning system, you'll be able to survive the heat.

Photo illustration by David Crane/Daily Information

(2) Ross Sperry regarding Canoga Park Heating & AirP Conditioning along with West Hills homeowner Peggy Hurdle discuss her new air-conditioning unit. Installing the central-air system could top $4,000, experts say.

Bob Halvorsen/Daily news

Drawing: zero caption (Penguin on block involving ice)

Tim Goheen/Knight-Ridder

Box: (1) Match to always be able to End Up Being Cool

N.Y. times news service

(2) Constructing any `tight' home

Knight-Ridder Tribune News/NEIL C. PINCHIN

(3) Heat-busting aid (See Text)

January 08 2016


PR Newswire National Summary, Monday, March 17, Midnight to 10 a.m. ET.

-- Next can always be a review of news releases transmitted between

midnight along with 10 a.m. by PR Newswire. The Particular complete text of these releases is

available in the PR Newswire for Journalists,


*** Feature news Services ***

CGMFNS1 03/17/2003 05:20 r f bc-CA-FindLaw-theft

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) 98-Percent regarding Americans Getting Actions for you to Prevent

Identity Theft, Says FindLaw Survey

LAMFNS1 03/17/2003 05:20 r f bc-CA-SupermarketGuru

(SANTA MONICA) Phil Lempert Says Customers support a new Boycott

regarding French-Made Products


TO099 03/17/2003 00:02 r f bc-RIM-Blackberry-licens

Study Throughout Motion introduces 'BlackBerry Connect' licensing program

TO100 03/17/2003 00:04 r f bc-BlackBerry-Symbian-OS

(LONDON) Symbian OS phones for you to obtain BlackBerry connectivity

TO101 03/17/2003 00:06 r f bc-BlackBerry-Microsoft

(WATERLOO) RIM to end up being able to provide BlackBerry connectivity with regard to Microsoft

Windows powered mobile devices

TO102 03/17/2003 00:08 r f bc-RIM-BlackBerry-HTC

(TAOYUAN) HTC and also RIM in order to offer BlackBerry connectivity for

Microsoft Windows powered devices through HTC

TO103 03/17/2003 00:10 r f bc-RIM-BlackBerry-6210

RIM introduces BlackBerry 6210 wireless handheld inside North America

LAM080 03/17/2003 01:00 r f bc-CA-HRCT-HuaQing-Group

(LOS ANGELES) Hartcourt Completed your HuaQing Acquisition

LNM001 03/17/2003 01:00 r f bc-Paradigm-new-Pres-COO

(LONDON) Paradigm Announces Senior Management Appointment for you to Support

Accelerated Growth inside Global Oil and gas E&P Markets

NEM013 03/17/2003 01:45 r f bc-MA-GPC-Bio-earnings

GPC Biotech reports Strong Outcomes pertaining to Fiscal 12 Months 2002

NEM006 03/17/2003 02:00 r f bc-NY-InfoVista-VistaLnk

(NEW YORK) InfoVista Announces release Of VistaLink for

Cisco VPN Answer center 2.2

TO104 03/17/2003 02:00 r a bc-Geac-Kennys-book-deal

(STUDLEY) Geac(R) signs (euro) 237,000 contract using Kennys

to set one million books online

SFM079 03/17/2003 02:45 r f bc-ActivCard-S.A.

(SURESNES) ActivCard S.A. Announces Intent for you to Repurchase

Non-Tendered ActivCard S.A. Shares

SFM020 03/17/2003 03:00 r f bc-CA-Neoteris-Wins

(LONDON) Neoteris Immediate Virtual Extranet Wins 'Highly

Recommended' Award Through Individual Personal Computer Globe Magazine

SFM044 03/17/2003 04:00 r v bc-PRN-Broadcast-minute

PR Newswire Broadcast Minute regarding Monday, March 17, 2003

NYM107 03/17/2003 04:12 r f bc-FTSE-Xinhua-closing

(SHANGHAI) FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index in order to close in 4,370.97 Down

-57.73 (-1.30%)

DCM009 03/17/2003 05:00 r n bc-AL-Wildland-Protctn

(BIRMINGHAM) the Wilderness Society Urges Protection of 24

Wildlands throughout Alabama Forests

DEM004 03/17/2003 05:00 r v bc-MI-WCCCD-Lansing-evnt

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to Converse at Legislative Dinner

Event Throughout Lansing, Monday, March 17

FLM004 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-CA-Cybozu-Japan-new

(SAN FRANCISCO) Cybozu Announces Launch involving Share360(TM)

Variation 2.1 along with Outlook Sync Feature

LAM007 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-NY-helloNet-Motorola

(NEW YORK) helloNetwork and Motorola to be able to bring Streaming

Media for you to Wireless Customers

LAM077 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-CA-ISIS-LLY-Phase3

(CARLSBAD) Isis Pharmaceuticals as well as Eli Lilly along with Organization Announce Results

NYM106 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-WA-Boston-Granola

(SEATTLE) Fantastic Tasting Granola ... Through Boston? Zoe Flax

and Soy Items Hit Seattle

NYM113 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-NY-Con-Edison-Claim

(NEW YORK) Statement through Consolidated Edison Inc.

OT223 03/17/2003 05:00 r f bc-Quake-Announces

(SONET) Quake announces 1st 11.1 Gb/s single-chip, bidirectional CDR

LAM049 03/17/2003 05:30 r f bc-CA-SureBeam-Shaw's

(SAN DIEGO) Shaw's offers SureBeam(R) Processed Clean Ground

Beef along with Ground Beef Patties

LAMAGRO 03/17/2003 05:30 r f bc-AgencyRoster-Lead

Agency Roster Lead

NYM103 03/17/2003 05:30 r e bc-NY-Pokemon-new-charac

(NEW YORK) Pokemon Fans Rock Rockefeller center as New

Characters Create U.S. Debut

LARSTR1 03/17/2003 05:31 r f bc-AgencyRoster-CPRi

(TETERBORO) CPRi Communications Selected as Advertising Agency For

the International Society involving 6 Sigma Specialists (ISSSP)

LARSTR2 03/17/2003 05:32 r f bc-AgencyRoster-ATBrown

(HOLLYWOOD) Alan T. Brown Associates Retained for A Couple Of Charity Events; Firm

for you to Function Using NFL's Jay Fiedler, Cris Carter and Actress Fran Dresher

LARSTR3 03/17/2003 05:33 r f bc-AgencyRoster-Maxwell

(PORTLAND) Maxwell PR Announces 3 New Clients

LARSTR4 03/17/2003 05:34 r f bc-AgencyRoster-Sterling

(LOS GATOS) BBC Technologies Selects Sterling Communications

for you to establish U.S. Brand

LARSTR5 03/17/2003 05:35 r f bc-AgencyRoster-KPC

KPC Announces Strategic Alliance along with NutritionAge Corporation

LARSTR6 03/17/2003 05:36 r f bc-MD-AgencyRoster-WPR

(BALTIMORE) Warschawski PR Selected as Agency involving Record By

Largest Multi-Sport Organization on East Coast

LARSTR7 03/17/2003 05:37 r f bc-AgencyRoster-LMG-SSOE

(MAUMEE) SSOE working with LMG in order to Market Evolutionary

Athletic/Arts Venue Design

LARSTR8 03/17/2003 05:38 r f bc-AgencyRoster-HPP

(NORTHRIDGE) high Performance Prose Inc. Sets any Record, Signing 5

New High-Profile clients in a Single Month

LNM002 03/17/2003 05:44 r f bc-Rolls-Royce-Contract

(LONDON) Premier Farnell Wins 30M Pound Sterling Rolls-Royce Contract

NYM116 03/17/2003 05:57 r f bc-Thomson-Financial

Asian Markets Shut Lower As War Looms throughout Iraq

CGM006 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-MN-Regis-ticker

(MINNEAPOLIS) Regis Corporation for you to Transfer for you to NYSE Below Ticker Symbol 'RGS'

CGM014 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-KS-Sprint-Fed-Govnmt

(OVERLAND PARK) Sprint Provides Subsequent Generation Wireless

services to the Federal Government

LAM023 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-CA-DSL-13-month-info

(NEWPORT BEACH) Downey financial Corp. Announces Thirteen

Month Selected Economic Data

NEM018 03/17/2003 06:00 r e bc-MA-WGBH-prime-suspect

(BOSTON) Helen Mirren Returns to PBS in the New 'Prime Suspect'

NYM002 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-NJ-Trident-White-gum

(PARSIPPANY) who Carry out Individuals 'Mystery Smiles' Belong To? Trident White(R)

Sweepstakes Celebrities as well as Grand prize Winner Revealed ...

SFM002 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-IL-Display-Werks-LCD

(CHICAGO) Display Werks Launches XC Series LCD Displays for

Digital Signage and Retail Store Spaces

SFM004 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-CA-Pinnacle-Roth

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Pinnacle systems to Existing in Roth Capital

Growth Stock Conference

SFM014 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-LA-Nat-Semi-Corp

(CTIA) National Semiconductor Improves Audio quality inside Consumer

Items with New Microphone Technology

SFM055 03/17/2003 06:00 r f bc-CA-ThermoGen-StemCell

(RANCHO CORDOVA) ThermoGenesis' Network regarding Stem Cell Banks

inside Asia Carries On to end up being able to Expand

CGM003 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-WI-Firstlogic-USM

(HATTIESBURG) The Actual University Or College regarding Southern Mississippi Jumps Forward involving the

Curve Together With Firstlogic's(R) Info Top Quality Solutions

CGM015 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-LA-Motorola-RF-Tech

(NEW ORLEANS) Motorola Introduces Next-Generation Cellular

Base Station RF Technology

DCM002 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-DC-Patriot-Ice-Cream

(WASHINGTON) Transfer over Ben & Jerry's!

NEM012 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-MA-IDC-Reports

(FRAMINGHAM) Worldwide Tablet PC Shipments Exceed 70

Thousand Units, Based on IDC

NYM073 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-ImageWare-security

(SAN DIEGO) ImageWare in order to Add Biometric as well as Smart Card

Capabilities With Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

SFM045 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-Sun-embed-blade

(NEW ORLEANS) Sun Microsystems Delivers Next-Generation Telecom

Embedded Blade Server: The Actual Netra(TM) CP2300 PICMG 2.16 BOARD

SFM046 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-Sun-next-gen-mobl

(SANTA CLARA) Sun Helps Make the actual Private Network any Reality, Ushering in

Next-Generation Mobile Solutions Accessible Anytime, about Virtually Any Device

SFM047 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-Sun-Lucent-team

(SANTA CLARA) Sun Microsystems and Lucent Technologies Team to

Accelerate the actual Deployment associated with Advanced Mobile Services

SFM080 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-CA-Netflix-Florida

(LOS GATOS) Netflix Opens New Delivery Center

TO105 03/17/2003 06:01 r f bc-Certicom-Sony-Er-deal

(MISSISSAUGA) Certicom to always be able to develop movianVPN(TM) with regard to Sony

Ericsson P800 smartphone

LAM031 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-LightPointe-new

(HANNOVER) LightPointe Introduces FlightStrata Item Line

NYM008 03/17/2003 06:02 r v bc-Tampa-Bay-Water-Plant

(FRAMINGHAM) The Actual Tampa Bay Seawater Desalination plant To

start Providing Drinking Water

NYM069 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-IL-Grubb&Ellis-CEO

(NORTHBROOK) Grubb & Ellis company Announces Resignation of

President along with Chief Executive Officer

NYM082 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-Aradigm-AERx

(HAYWARD) Information on Use associated with AERx Pulmonary Insulin Delivery System in

Smokers along with Patients Together With Asthma Published

SFM018 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-LiveCapital-Round

(SAN MATEO) LiveCapital Closes $7.4 Million Oversubscribed Funding Round

SFM031 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-Flax-Art-Design

(BRISBANE) Martin McClanan Joins Flax Artwork & Design

SFM041 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-BEA-Systems

(SAN JOSE) National Training Association Selects BEA WebLogic

for OWL.Org Professional-Development Portal

SFM042 03/17/2003 06:02 r f bc-CA-BEA-Systems

(SAN JOSE) IT Initiatives Involving Portal along with Net Content

Management are Growing

LNM003 03/17/2003 06:06 r i bc-IASO-obesity-review

(LONDON) Contact for Weight Problems Review as Obese Quantities Head In Direction Of 1.7


NYM118 03/17/2003 06:13 r s bc-NH-SnoCountry-skiing

(LEBANON) SnoCountry reports Newest Skiing conditions Information

TO108 03/17/2003 06:18 r any bc-lumbar-support-cushio

(TORONTO) Boston Therapeutic Invention to Revolutionise Arthritis

as well as Pregnancy care for upwards of 70 million Americans!

LAM075 03/17/2003 06:25 r f bc-AZ-KnowledgeNet-PMI

(PHOENIX) KnowledgeNet Launches PMI Project Management Professional

Certification Program throughout Industry-Leading 'Live' e-Learning Format

LAM076 03/17/2003 06:25 r f bc-AZ-KnowledgeNet-PMP

(PHOENIX) KnowledgeNet Requires the particular Mystery Out of Project Management

Skilled Certification Along With free Online Course

NYM117 03/17/2003 06:25 r f bc-Thomson-Financial

(PHOENIX) European Shares Weaken Because Uncertainty Over

Impending Military Motion Weighs

LAM006 03/17/2003 06:30 r f bc-FL-TELT-20-20-enhance

(SARASOTA) Teltronics' 20-20(TM) System Receives IP Enhancements

LAM067 03/17/2003 06:30 r f bc-AZ-DollarDays-Intntl

(PHOENIX) DollarDays International Announces Special

Savings regarding Repeat Orders

LAM068 03/17/2003 06:30 r f bc-MA-ZonePerfect-Best

(BOSTON) New ZonePerfect Nutrition Bar Flavors Get Greatest New

Snack in National Competition

LAM070 03/17/2003 06:30 r f bc-MA-CXO-Systems-CPM

(BOSTON) CXO Methods Announces Visibility Guarantee

SFM056 03/17/2003 06:30 r f bc-LA-Trimble-LassenSQ

(NEW ORLEANS) Trimble Adds Smart tracking Capabilities for you to Lassen SQ GPS


SFM057 03/17/2003 06:31 r f bc-CA-Trimble-Infineon

(NEW ORLEANS) Trimble and also Infineon Introduce Low-Power GPS

Chipset in smaller Package

LAM009 03/17/2003 06:45 r f bc-LA-ucp-morgen-mobile

(NEW ORLEANS) mobileblog!(TM) Getting Mobile Messaging into a Totally New Level

LAM043 03/17/2003 06:55 r f bc-CA-NCEN-Roth-Capital

(IRVINE) New Century to Existing with Roth Money Partners 15th

Annual Growth Stock Conference

DAM004 03/17/2003 06:57 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sllivan-auto

(SAN JOSE) Emerging Programs Offer Greatest Chance for you to Get Into and

Broaden presence in Electric Motor Markets, Says Frost & Sullivan

NYM085 03/17/2003 06:58 r f bc-LA-New-Nokia-Phone

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia Parades End-to-End Wireless Expertise and

Innovation In CTIA Wireless 2003

ATM003 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-LA-VeriSign-Telespree

(NEW ORLEANS) VeriSign and Telespree Team for you to Enable

Wireless Self-Service Set-Up

CGM030 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-MO-Peabody-Energy

Peabody energy Announces Outcomes associated with Early Tender Offer

along with Extends Payment associated with Early Tender Premium

FLM001 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-FL-Ultimate-Soft-food

(WESTON) Houlihan's Restaurants Anticipates $100,000 Annual

Cost Savings Within Maintenance costs along with UltiPro

LAM035 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-CO-Qwest-REI-Data-Com

(DENVER) REI Gears On top Of Qwest Information Communications Services

NYM003 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-CA-American-design

(LOS ANGELES) Celebrities Style American Eagle Outfitters

Graphic T-Shirts for Charity

NYM018 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-UT-CirTran-orders

(SALT LAKE CITY) CirTran Receives Follow-On Orders Coming From Parvus Corporation

PHM011 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-PA-WESCO-financing

(PITTSBURGH) WESCO International, Inc. Announces Conclusion of

$51 Million Real-estate Financing

SFM036 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-CA-Connetics-SVP-CCO

(PALO ALTO) Connetics Names Michael P. Miller Senior Vice President

sales & Advertising Along With Chief Commercial Officer

SFM037 03/17/2003 07:00 r f bc-WA-Expedia-survey

(BELLEVUE) Survey Exhibits Sunny Vacations turn Winter Blues Inside Out

CGM026 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-NY-TASA-Earnings

(BREWSTER) TASA Reviews First-Quarter Revenues Up more Than 16%

LAM024 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-AZ-Three-Five-Systems

(TEMPE) Three-Five Methods to Spin-Off Microdisplay Business

LAM052 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-CA-SZ-Opens-19th

(SHERMAN OAKS) Worldwide Restaurant Concepts, Inc. Announces

Opening of the 19th Pat & Oscar's

LAM058 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-CA-East-West-Bancorp

(SAN MARINO) East West Bancorp Closes Pacific Enterprise Bank

Acquisition And Also Concerns Preliminary 1st Quarter Estimate

SFM039 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-LA-CTIA-VeriSign-Tele

(SAN MARINO) VeriSign and Telespree Team to Enable Wireless Self-Service


SFM040 03/17/2003 07:01 r f bc-LA-VeriSign-wireless

(SAN MARINO) VeriSign Raises the particular Bar pertaining to Wireless Calling Title (CNAM)


LAM056 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-CA-Cepheid-Roth

(SUNNYVALE) Cepheid for you to Current with Roth Money Partners Growth Conference

NYM056 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-CA-Liberate-Wood-EVP

(SAN CARLOS) Liberate Technologies Appoints Greg Wood Executive

Vice President along with Chief financial Officer

NYM057 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-CA-Liberate-Nguyen

(SAN CARLOS) Liberate Technologies Names Patrick P. Nguyen

Executive Vice President Corporate Development

NYM062 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-AZ-Capital-Title-Grp

(PHOENIX) capital Title Team revenue Raises 98.2% Reports

Record Outcomes in Fourth Quarter along with full 12 Months 2002

NYM102 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-TN-Dollar-Stores-earn

(GOODLETTSVILLE) Dollar General Studies increased Earnings

for 2002; Outlook pertaining to 2003

SFM072 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-CA-Verity-SuperPage

(SUNNYVALE) Verizon Info services Turns to Verity to

Boost Performance of SuperPages.com

SFM095 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-NY-NetRatings-Feb

(NEW YORK) A Lot A Lot More Than 40911 associated with Just About All online Users Log upon to

Government Sites, According to Nielsen//NetRatings

TO106 03/17/2003 07:02 r f bc-Microsoft-email-soltn

(MISSISSAUGA) Certicom Launches Industry's Initial Secure E-mail

solution for Microsoft Pocket Outlook

LAM085 03/17/2003 07:03 r f bc-LA-Siemens-M56-Phone

(NEW ORLEANS) Siemens M56 Cell Phone Provides Innovative

design and Personalization Features

LAM086 03/17/2003 07:03 r f bc-LA-Siemens-SX1-Mobile

(NEW ORLEANS) Siemens SX1 Cellular Phone Changes the Confront of

Wireless Communication

LAM087 03/17/2003 07:03 r f bc-LA-Siemens-Informatio

(NEW ORLEANS) Siemens, AT&T Wireless Announce Availability involving A Pair Of Stylish

New Mobile Phones C56 and S56 Phones Feature Advanced Messaging Options,

LAM088 03/17/2003 07:03 r f bc-LA-Siemens-Informatio

(NEW ORLEANS) Siemens and also Intermec Announce Integration of

Wireless Radio Modules throughout Intermec Handheld Computer

NYM121 03/17/2003 07:03 r f bc-CA-Polycom-Ridgeway

(PLEASANTON) Polycom as well as Ridgeway Companion for you to Accelerate the Growth

as well as Deployment of Real-time IP Communications

ATM005 03/17/2003 07:04 r v bc-GA-Suicide-Prevention

(SAN JOSE) Suicide Prevention Day to become Hosted at the Capitol; Suicide

Acknowledged as Rising Public Wellness Difficulty in Georgia

DAM005 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-TX-Frost-Sullivan-aut

(SAN JOSE) Item Innovations Drive the Emerging Automotive

Entertainment and also Satnav Systems Market, Says Frost & Sullivan

DAM014 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-TX-WebLink-new-suite

(NEW ORLEANS) WebLink Wireless shows New Service Suite in CTIA; Devices

LAM005 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-LA-Pen&Internet-LLC

(NEW ORLEANS) Pen&Internet Announces riteMail 2.0 with regard to Windows and

Pocket PC

LAM012 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-CA-Present-Roth-Conf

(NEWPORT BEACH) Presentations Start in Roth capital Partners

Growth Stock Conference

LAM044 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-NV-KnowledgeBroker

(RENO) KnowledgeBroker's KnowledgeBases Certified ca smart With

Personal Computer Associates' Unicenter ServicePlus Knowledge Tools

NYM031 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-FL-JointFlex

(ODESSA) Rub in a cream as well as Pop A New Pill ... Which In Turn Carry out You

Choose Regarding Relieving Joint Pain?

NYM055 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-CA-Liberate-Tech-CEO

(SAN CARLOS) Liberate Technologies Names New Chairman and CEO

SFM006 03/17/2003 07:04 r f bc-CA-Fireclick-Netflame

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Fireclick Launches Netflame Enterprise

NYM058 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Sprint-&-Microsoft

(NEW ORLEANS) Sprint as well as Microsoft Combine Energy regarding PCS Vision(SM) Capable

NYM059 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Sprint-Samsung

(NEW ORLEANS) Sprint and also Samsung Announce Plans to end up being able to Deliver in order to Marketplace First

Camera Telephone for that U.S. Featuring Patented Rotating Flip Screen Design

NYM060 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Sprint-Sanyo-Debut

(NEW ORLEANS) Sprint and Sanyo Debut America's Initial Camera Phone

for you to Add Voice Messages to Wireless Pictures

NYM061 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Sprint-PCS-Vision

(NEW ORLEANS) Sprint Launches Specialized PCS Vision(SM) Support in order to Meet

Developing need with regard to Secure, Dependable Machine-to-Machine Communications

NYM072 03/17/2003 07:05 r the bc-VA-PBS-college-course

(ALEXANDRIA) PBS Opens the actual Doors to be able to Its Newest Educational

Providing -- 'PBS Campus'

NYM088 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Nokia-Brings-Style

(NEW ORLEANS) Upscale Nokia 6585 phone Brings fashion Sense

for you to CDMA2000 1X Market

NYM090 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Nokia-US-wideband

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia Demonstrates its G-WCDMA Answer for

U.S. Wideband Frequencies

NYM112 03/17/2003 07:05 r f bc-LA-Motorola-TradeShow

(NEW ORLEANS) Motorola Introduces New Mobile Phones at CTIA Wireless Show

NYM080 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Smith-Micro-WebDNA

(NEW ORLEANS) Smith Micro Introduces Wireless Capability for

Well-liked WebDNA World wide web Application Editions

NYM081 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Smith-Micro-WebDNA

(NEW ORLEANS) Smith Micro Announces Wireless Connectivity

software Pertaining To Exploding Wi-Fi Market

NYM086 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-New-Nokia-Phone

(NEW ORLEANS) New Nokia Phones Help To Make CDMA, 1X and GPS as Simple as ABC

NYM087 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Nokia-CDMA-3586i

(NEW ORLEANS) Complete Spectrum Color, Full-Speed Data: New CDMA

Nokia 3586i Delivers Both

NYM089 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Nokia-Mobile-Serv

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia 1 Mobile Connectivity service Launched with regard to the


NYM091 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Nokia-multimedia

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia Drives IP Multimedia Across all Network Standards

NYM092 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Nokia-FM-Radio

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia Harmonizes music and Convenience along with New FM Radio


NYM093 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-LA-Nokia-Observation

(NEW ORLEANS) Nokia Observation Camera Develops New Uses

with regard to Multimedia Messaging

NYM111 03/17/2003 07:06 r f bc-MS-WorldCom-Inc

(CLINTON) WorldCom Carries On for you to Deliver on 100-Day Plan

NYM117 03/17/2003 07:13 r f bc-Thomson-Financial

European Shares Weaken As Uncertainty over Impending Military Action


LAM081 03/17/2003 07:15 r f bc-CA-Masimo-SET-LeeSar

(IRVINE) LeeSar Healthcare System Converts to be able to Masimo SET(R) Pulse Oximetry

NEM020 03/17/2003 07:15 r f bc-RI-GTECH-acquires

(WEST GREENWICH) GTECH in order to Acquire Interlott Technologies, Inc.

SFM025 03/17/2003 07:15 r f bc-CA-Saba-Insight

(REDWOOD SHORES) Saba Selected simply by Insight direct Worldwide to

increase sales Force Productivity and Alignment

NYM108 03/17/2003 07:25 r f bc-NJ-Genta-and-Aventis

(BERKELEY HEIGHTS) Genta Establishes $40 Million Range of Credit Score with

Aventis regarding Genasense(TM) Collaborative Program

NYM122 03/17/2003 07:28 r f bc-OH-Interlott-GTECH

(CINCINNATI) Interlott Technologies to become Acquired simply by GTECH Holdings

ATM006 03/17/2003 07:30 r f bc-GA-CheckFree-sect-508

CheckFree Announces Section 508 Accessibility Certification for

its Federal Reconciliation Solution

CGM029 03/17/2003 07:30 r f bc-MO-Peabody-Sr-Notes

(DURHAM) Peabody energy Announces Pricing of a

Private offering of $650 Million regarding Senior Notes

NYM027 03/17/2003 07:30 r f bc-NC-Inspire-Cowen-conf

(DURHAM) Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in order to Current in SG Cowen

23rd Annual Healthcare Conference

PHM002 03/17/2003 07:30 r f bc-PA-ETC-hyperbaric

(SOUTHAMPTON) ETC Introduces Smooth Ride(TM) Technologies Into

Its BARA-MED(R) Hyperbaric Chambers

SFM021 03/17/2003 07:30 r f bc-CA-Xilinx-DSP-tool

(SAN JOSE) Xilinx Slashes Simulation Period coming from Several Weeks for you to Minutes with

Subsequent Generation Software Program Platform for High-Speed DSP Design

LAM047 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-SRSL-CTIA-conf

(SANTA ANA) SRS Labs to Demonstrate Audio and Voice Technologies for

Advanced Mobile Audio Upon TI's OMAP(TM) Platform from CTIA Wireless

LAM072 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-WIZ-Tech-New-BREW

(SAO PAULO) WIZ Technologies Announces New Titles Developed

with regard to QUALCOMM's BREW(TM) Platform

NYM013 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-NY-Thomson-ONE

(NEW YORK) Thomson financial Introduces Thomson ONE Analytics

NYM035 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-NJ-Movado-04-Outlook

(PARAMUS) Movado Group, Inc. Reiterates Fiscal 2004 Outlook

NYM049 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-MI-Amerigon-Q4-earns

(DEARBORN) Amerigon Reviews Record Fourth Quarter, Year-End Results

SFM052 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-NeoMagic-Mobile

(SANTA CLARA) NeoMagic(R) and also M-Systems(R) Announce Assistance For

Mobile DiskOnChip on MiMagic 5 Programs Processor

SFM075 03/17/2003 07:31 r f bc-CA-Verity-Stellent

(SUNNYVALE) Verity Provides Certified content Categorization

with regard to Stellent Content Material Management System

LAM061 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-QCOM-3G-CDMA-Demnd

(NEW ORLEANS) QUALCOMM continues to Drive Demand regarding 3G CDMA to Enable

LAM062 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-QCOM-CTIA-2003

(NEW ORLEANS) QUALCOMM Provides CTIA Wireless 2003 Attendees an Up-Close

as well as Private Appear at the Newest BREW(TM)-Enabled Goods along with Services

LAM063 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-Xpherix-CTIA-2003

(NEW ORLEANS) Xpherix Corporation Turning Heads in CTIA Wireless 2003

LAM064 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-Tourmaline-CTIA

(NEW ORLEANS) Tourmaline Networks Announces New Wireless Email

Software Depending On QUALCOMM's BREW(TM) Platform

LAM065 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-NJ-dotPhoto-QUALCOMM

(WEST TRENTON) dotPhoto's Pictavision(TM) Enhanced software Turns

BREW(TM)-Enabled Phones Straight Into Portable Photo Communicators

LAM074 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-QUALCOMM-Samsung

(NEW ORLEANS) QUALCOMM and Samsung Introduce First

Multimode, Multiband GSM1x Handset

NYM064 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-LA-QUALCOMM-Qtv-playr

(NEW ORLEANS) QUALCOMM Announces Totally Integrated Video

solution with regard to Feature-Rich Wireless Devices

NYM068 03/17/2003 07:32 r f bc-QUALCOMM-Magus-Soft

(BEIJING) Magus Soft becomes Initial Chinese Global Publisher

for QUALCOMM's BREW(TM) Platform

CGM008 03/17/2003 07:33 r l bc-Top-5-Sports-Injuries

(ROSEMONT) five Spring/Summer Sports Leading Children's Injury List

CGM009 03/17/2003 07:33 r l bc-Orthopaedic-Spring

(ROSEMONT) Orthopaedic Surgeons Provide Practical Tips for

Avoiding Spring-Cleaning Injuries

DAM012 03/17/2003 07:33 r f bc-LA-Samsung-CTIA

Samsung Launches New 3G Wireless System Goods Allowing

Carriers to Add New Services, Drive Revenue

LAM048 03/17/2003 07:33 r f bc-IL-Mitsubishi-Motors

(NORMAL) Mitsubishi Motors to expand Illinois Manufacturing Facility;

Larger Plant Will Add 60,000 Units and also 300 New Jobs

LAM066 03/17/2003 07:33 r f bc-NJ-dotPhone-ringtons

(WEST TRENTON) Blabtones(TM) Provides Custom Ringtones on

BREW(TM)-Enabled Wireless Phones

NYM039 03/17/2003 07:33 r f bc-NJ-Berlex-ABOVEMS

(MONTVILLE) ABOVE MS Research Explores Outcomes involving increasing Dose

and Frequency involving Beta Interferon Therapy

NYM054 03/17/2003 07:33 r f bc-NJ-Berlex-Chiron

(MONTVILLE) Betaseron(R) (Interferon Beta-1b) Gains Expanded FDA

Labeling Approval with regard to Treating Relapsing forms involving Multiple Sclerosis

ATM007 03/17/2003 07:45 r n bc-GA-Killer-Creek-wine

(ATLANTA) Atlanta Restaurateurs Bid 'Adieu' for you to French Wines, Liquors

along with Pour Straight Into Chattahoochee River, Killer Creek

NYM036 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-NJ-Alteon-published

(RAMSEY) Alteon's ALT-711 DIAMOND data published within The

American Journal of Geriatric Cardiology

NYM114 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-CA-Don-Cox-Celeritek

(SANTA CLARA) Donald Cox Joins Celeritek Board of Directors

PHM013 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-CA-USautotrak-N.-Amer

(CULVER CITY) USautotrak, SHOPINVO, WHAM, Expands in order to Almost All involving North America

PHM014 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-CA-VeriCare-Managemt

(SAN DIEGO) VeriCare Initiative Responds to always be able to Medicare Policy Change;

Behavior Medicine Applications Tend To Be Implemented Across your United States

PHM015 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-CA-WebPartner-launch

(LOS ALTOS) REVISED: WebPartner Launches New Launch associated with Test

PHM016 03/17/2003 07:45 r f bc-MN-Shipping-Solutions

(EAGAN) Transport Options Software Program Adds Straightforward as well as Inexpensive Export

Compliance through Partnership with NextLinx Corporation

NYM119 03/17/2003 07:49 r f bc-CA-Innovo-Fourth-Qtr

(LOS ANGELES) Innovo Team reports Fiscal 2002 and Fourth Quarter Results

SFM028 03/17/2003 07:50 r f bc-MA-Sleepycat-Software

(LINCOLN) Sleepycat Software Program Adds Assistance pertaining to Carrier Grade Linux

FLM005 03/17/2003 07:51 r f bc-FL-CEDC-earnings

(SARASOTA) Central European Distribution Corporation Announces Record

Net sales and Net income With Regard To Fourth Quarter as well as full 12 Months 2002

NYM125 03/17/2003 07:51 r f bc-NY-Pfizer-Pharmacia

(NEW YORK) Pfizer and also Pharmacia Record Agreement Using Staff associated with U.S.

DAM013 03/17/2003 07:55 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sullivan

(SAN JOSE) Frost & Sullivan to end up being able to Host Healthcare Details technology 2003

DAM018 03/17/2003 07:55 r f bc-TX-Frost-Sullivan-MOT

(SAN JOSE) Frost & Sullivan Awards Motorola with regard to Innovation

in Location-Based Services

DEM011 03/17/2003 07:55 r f bc-MI-MSHDA-drops-rate

(LANSING) Michigan State Housing Authority Drops Interest Levels upon Home

Mortgages In Order To 4.875 Percent, the Lowest throughout Plan History

LAM027 03/17/2003 07:55 r f bc-CO-RNDC-Black-Veatch

(LOUISVILLE) Black & Veatch Demonstrates ROI with Raindance

Integrated Net and also Audio Conferencing Solution

FLM003 03/17/2003 07:59 r f bc-FL-Romark-Labs-Alinia

(TAMPA) Romark Pharmaceuticals Announces Alinia(TM) Pediatric

Diarrhea Drug Available Nowadays within Pharmacies

CHM003 03/17/2003 08:00 r f bc-BI-LO-irradiated-beef

(MAULDIN) BI-LO Supermarkets Add Irradiated Ground Beef Option

CLM001 03/17/2003 08:00 r f bc-IN-Interactive-award

(INDIANAPOLIS) Unified Communications Software Program by Interactive

Intelligence Wins Network Computing's Editor's Option Award

NYM007 03/17/2003 08:00 r f bc-MRSA-4Q-Yr-End-Rslts

(NEW YORK) Marisa Christina Studies Fourth Quarter and also 2002 Year-End


NYM010 03/17/2003 08:00 r f bc-NY-Bayer-Ascensia-FDA

(TARRYTOWN) FDA Clears Initial New Meter throughout Bayer's Ascensia Portfolio

SFM009 03/17/2003 08:00 r f bc-Colo-SAP-Selected

(DENVER) water Utilities Select SAP for you to Boost Efficiency

and also Enhance Consumer Service

ATM004 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-GA-BellSouth-offers

(ATLANTA) BellSouth for you to Provide 'Enhanced' Directory

Support to Wireless Carriers;

DEM013 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-MI-Gentex-elect-board

(ZEELAND) Gary Goode Appointed to Gentex Board of Directors

OT224 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-polymer-banknotes

(OTTAWA) Canadian Bank Note Company, limited in order to produce First

Polymer Banknotes in Africa

SFM015 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-Dreyers-Search-Flavor

(OAKLAND) Dreyer's Grand Frozen Goodies Launches Nationwide Search

for 'A Scoop in the U.S.A.'

SFM029 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-CA-Maxtor-D&H-distro

(MILPITAS) Maxtor Expands Reach within Strategic Markets with

D&H Distribution Agreement

SFM032 03/17/2003 08:01 r f bc-CA-VERITAS-VISION-con

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) VERITAS software to Host Sixth Annual VISION

Technologies Conference Might 4-8

CGM016 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-IL-ITW-5%-Growth-Q1

(GLENVIEW) ITW reports 5 percent Growth throughout Operating Revenues

pertaining to 90 Days Ended February 28, 2003;

CGM020 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-LA-Motorola-Messaging

(NEW ORLEANS) Motorola Launches Versatile End-to-End Suite of

Multimedia Messaging Services

CGM021 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-LA-Motorola-CDMA-1X

(NEW ORLEANS) Motorola Expands CDMA 1X Portfolio along with 1xEV-DO

Answer with regard to Elevated Capacity

CGM022 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-LA-Motorola-Lifecycle

(NEW ORLEANS) Motorola Delivers Secured Network solutions for

Wireless Operators By Means Of Lifecycle services Portfolio

LAM025 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-FLR-2-New-Directrs

(ALISO VIEJO) Fluor Elects A Pair Of New Directors to be able to its Board;

Gossage Elects in order to Retire

LAM039 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-LA-Superconduct-Heinz

(NEW ORLEANS) Superconductor Technologies Inc. Expands Strategic Alliance

Using Heinz Corp. to end up being able to offer One-Stop Performance Answer to Carriers

NYM037 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-MN-Navarre-WC-Mafia

(MINNEAPOLIS) Navarre Inks Distribution Agreement Using West

Coast Mafia Entertainment

NYM042 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-RSA-annual-confer

(SAN FRANCISCO) Industry's Elite Comprise 12th Annual RSA(R)

Conference Keynote Line-up

SFM059 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-Proxim-Trillion

(SUNNYVALE) Proxim and also Trillion Offer High-Speed Wireless

World wide web Access in order to 400,000 Students Across Seven States

SFM069 03/17/2003 08:02 r f bc-CA-SupportSoft-conf

(REDWOOD CITY) SupportSoft Chief technology Officer Presents at the

Assist Desk Institute Annual Conference and Exposition

CGM007A 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-IL-Molex-KiloLambda

(LISLE) Molex, KiloLambda Announce New Optical Fuse Line

FLM007 03/17/2003 08:03 r s bc-FL-SportsLine-NCAA

(FORT LAUDERDALE) SportsLine.com, Inc. Tends to Make Accessible Stay On-line Video

LAM036 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-SomeraE911-Program

(SANTA BARBARA) Somera Launches 'SomeraE911' program in order to Enable

Wireless Operators To Satisfy FCC Deadlines

PHM006 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-PA-Marconi-BTexact

(LONDON) tests by BTexact Confirm That Will Marconi's BXR-48000 is

ideal regarding Deployment within service Provider Networks

SFM026 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-Documentum-online

Documentum to be able to Host online Seminar upon Marketing Along With Advertising content Management

SFM035 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-Interwoven-ABA

(SUNNYVALE) Interwoven Showcases Industry-Leading Content

Management solutions from Annual ABA Conference

SFM048 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-Natl-Semi-launchs

National Semiconductor Launches complete Analog Energy Management

and also Lighting Options regarding Handheld Devices

SFM073 03/17/2003 08:03 r f bc-CA-Altera-Stratix

(SAN JOSE) Altera Optimizes 240 IP Cores pertaining to Stratix along with Cyclone FPGAs

MO124 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-a-H3-Pharma-Phase-II

(MONTREAL) H3 Pharma Licenses within phase II product pertaining to Abdomen Cancer and

Acquires Stake in the Human mAb Discovery company Specializing in Oncology

NEM002 03/17/2003 08:04 r v bc-OH-pool-safety-prdt

(CHICAGO) Medina community Recreation center Installs Drowning

Detection System to end up being able to Assist Lifeguards Conserve Lives

NYM034 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-LA-Verizon-Wireless

(NEW ORLEANS) Verizon Wireless to Supply High-Speed Wireless

Broadband Solutions regarding Enterprise Customers

NYM047 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-OR-Rentrak-Roth-conf

(PORTLAND) Rentrak Corporation for you to Existing from 15th Annual Roth

Richesse Partners Growth Stock Conference

NYM066 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-CA-Edelman-Huawei

(SILICON VALLEY) Huawei Retains Edelman for you to Drive Global

Corporate Communications

NYM077 03/17/2003 08:04 r v bc-FL-adidas-Kournikova

(LONDON) adidas Tennis Athletes Anna Kournikova along with Marat Safin

Pay a visit to Miami Baptist Children's Hospital

NYM084 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-MDY-Tikit-agreement

(LONDON) MDY Advanced Technologies, Inc, and also Tikit limited Sign

Exclusive partner Agreement for FileSurf(R) Records Management

NYM094 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-IL-U.S.-Robotics

(CHICAGO) U.S. Robotics Introduces the 56k USB Faxmodem

SFM030 03/17/2003 08:04 r f bc-CA-Documentm-nat-res

(PLEASANTON) Canadian All-natural Sources Selects Documentum

Enterprise content Management Platform

TO107 03/17/2003 08:04 r a bc-e-government-launched

(MISSISSAUGA) Municipal e-Government Details is actually Today Merely a new Click Away!

DAM009 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-LA-Samsung-Tele-CTIA

(NEW ORLEANS) Samsung Telecommunications America Announces

Alliance for you to Develop and Deliver Enterprise Solutions

DCM004 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-NC-GovPub-Fundng-Loan

(WASHINGTON) North Carolina Residents Obtain Funding within the

Form involving Grants Or Loans as well as Loans

DCM006 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-VA-Surety-Fundng-CEO

(HERNDON) Surety Announces $2 Million throughout Funding and also Appoints

New Chief Executive Officer

DEM006 03/17/2003 08:05 r n bc-MI-Prison-Aftercare

(DETROIT) Detroit Prison Aftercare Plan shows Astounding Results

DEM010 03/17/2003 08:05 r n bc-MI-Comm-Health-event

(DETROIT) Detroit Councilwoman Alberta Tinsley-Talabi to chop Red Lace at

community Well Being Awareness group Point regarding Alter open House, March 18

LAM010 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-Lambda-brick-pkge

(SAN DIEGO) Lambda's PAF700F Series Provides 700W inside a Complete Brick Package

NEM004 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-MA-Storigen-hire

(LOWELL) Storigen systems Names Dennis Hoffman Chief Executive Officer

NEM009 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-MA-New-Survey

(WALTHAM) following Disappointing Cycle III Clinical Trial Results, a

number associated with Novel Therapies for the Anithypertensive Industry tend to be Shelved

NYM005 03/17/2003 08:05 r n bc-PA-soberRide-St-Patty

(PHILADELPHIA) soberRide(TM) Rides Again

SFM005 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-PlaceWare-AT&T

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) AT&T Raises Virtual Seminar Attendance by

700 percent using PlaceWare

SFM012 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-InQuira-CSI

(SAN BRUNO) CSI Chooses InQuira's Enterprise Self-Service and also Search

SFM022 03/17/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-VMware-award

(PALO ALTO) VMware Workstation Wins Visual Studio

Magazine's Editors Selection Award

CGM010 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-IL-DKSystems-KPS

(CHICAGO) DKSystems Integrates KPS Knowledge Management

Technologies Directly Into the DKHelpDesk product Suite

CGM011 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-IL-DKSystems-Partner

(CHICAGO) RightAnswers as well as DKSystems Companion to always be able to Provide Integrated

Access to end up being able to IT Assistance Knowledge regarding DKHelpDesk Customers

CHM001 03/17/2003 08:06 r n bc-NC-Am-Red-Cross

(CHARLOTTE) go For Blood!

DAM017 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-OK-a-la-mode-eApprais

(OKLAHOMA CITY) eAppraiseIT Completes Pilot of a la mode's Mercury Network

LAM033 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-AZ-In-Stat/MDR-VoWLAN

(SCOTTSDALE) Industry Could Lastly answer your call in order to VoWLAN

NYM023 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-NY-Pinnacor-ICE-Suite

(NEW YORK) Pinnacor Provides Private-Label Portal pertaining to Rural Cellular

SFM008 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-MI-Accela-St-Michigan

(DUBLIN) State of Michigan Bureau regarding Codes Construction Selects

Accela With Regard To e-Government Services

SFM011 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-CA-Powerschool-pdt

(FOLSOM) PowerSchool Introduces Student Info System Variation 3.5

SFM017 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-FineGround-FOSE-2003

(CHICAGO) FineGround Networks in order to Demonstrate Infrastructure ROI

to become able to Federal IT Neighborhood With FOSE 2003

SFM043 03/17/2003 08:06 r f bc-CA-GRIC-Communicatns

(MILPITAS) T-Systems Selects GRIC Communications' MobileOffice to

provide Secure Wi-Fi As Well As Dial-Up Remote Access

LAM011 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-CA-Toshiba-America

(IRVINE) Toshiba America Electronic Components Expands High-Brightness LCD

LAM013 03/17/2003 08:07 r e bc-CA-NeoPets-Index-Corp

(GLENDALE) NeoPets, Leading Youth Entertainment Website, Teams Along With Index

Corp. regarding Mobile Versions involving NeoPets.com throughout Japanese and Chinese

LAM014 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-AZ-Alliance-Med-FDA

(PHOENIX) FDA Clears Alliance Medical's 510(k)s regarding Reprocessed Orthofix

LAM017 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-LA-Etenna-Mobicom

(NEW ORLEANS) Etenna Announces Mobicom as Initial Consumer pertaining to its

FlexWave(TM) mobile Phone Embedded Antennas

LAM029 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-CA-TheraCyte-Diabetes

(IRVINE) TheraCyte, Inc. Announces Human Cell Line

opportunity to become able to Treat Diabetes

LAM038 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-IL-IFS-&-Heaven-Hill

(CHICAGO) Heaven Hill Distilleries Implements IFS Applications

LAM046 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-PA-Beryl-Blue-Cross

(PHILADELPHIA) Independence Blue Cross associated with Philadelphia Partners With

LAM060 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-CA-Project.net-ASP

(SAN DIEGO) Engineering NetWorld Selects Project.net as Platform

for International ASP-Based Solution

SFM053 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-CA-FineGround-survey

(CAMPBELL) Survey Confirms that will Poor Application Performance

Immediately Impacts Business

SFM063 03/17/2003 08:07 r f bc-CA-Network-Assoc.

(SANTA CLARA) Network Associates(R) Types Strategic Alliance With

NASBA - the Association Associated With System Builders as well as Integrators

LAM069 03/17/2003 08:08 r f bc-CA-Emerson-Process

(IRVINE) Emerson Method Management, Rosemount Analytical

Names Kenneth A. Biele President

LNM004 03/17/2003 08:08 r f bc-Singapore-Int'l-event

(SINGAPORE) Singapore Launches Inaugural International Event for

Enterprise, Innovation as well as Technology

LNM005 03/17/2003 08:08 r f bc-TV-The-Wedding-Race

(HONG KONG) Deansee Entertainment and Branded bring Coca-Cola, Siemens

NYM065 03/17/2003 08:08 r f bc-VA-Lightningcast-fdng

(ALEXANDRIA) Lightningcast Brings throughout Further Funding Together With Existing


NYM071 03/17/2003 08:08 r s bc-NY-Starks-Wildfire

(WHITE PLAINS) Former NY Knicks Star John Starks for you to Coach First

Season Involving your Westchester Wildfire USBL Basketball Team

NYM078 03/17/2003 08:08 r v bc-FL-adidas-tennis-day

adidas Tennis Day along with Anna Kournikova, Marat Safin, along with Other People Tuesday,

NYM100 03/17/2003 08:08 r f bc-NY-Excite-Network

Streamwaves Partners Using The Excite Network to Launch

Subscription music services upon Excite and iWon Websites

LAM054 03/17/2003 08:09 r f bc-CA-Cardiff-Irish-Rev.

(BRENTFORD) Cardiff TELEform(R) Selected from the Irish Revenue


ATM009 03/17/2003 08:12 r cheats for i am playr f bc-ING-annual-accounts

(AMSTERDAM) ING Team Publishes Annual Accounts 2002

DAM016 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-TX-ACS-launches-eRX

(DALLAS) ACS Launches eRX, Creating a new Paperless Recording Environment

with regard to Lenders, Title Companies, and Counties Nationwide

DAM019 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-TX-XactiMed-personnel

(DALLAS) XactiMed Announces Bernard P. Wess, Jr., Industry

Veteran, for you to Be part Of the particular Board Involving Directors

DEM003 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-MI-Compuware-ATM-WAN

(FARMINGTON HILLS) Compuware Assists Inside Easing Network costs With

solution with regard to Improving WAN Performance Management

NYM016 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-NY-CA-Credit-Lyonnais

(ISLANDIA) Credit Rating Lyonnais uses CA's CleverPath in order to Match

Monetary products to end up being able to Consumer Needs

NYM038 03/17/2003 08:15 r v bc-Verizon-Wls-broadband

(ISLANDIA) Verizon Wireless for you to Provide High-Speed Wireless

Broadband Solutions for business Customers

NYM046 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-NV-Remedy-and-HDI

(LAS VEGAS) Remedy and help Desk Institute Announce Strategic Relationship

SFM096 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-CA-Mobility-Ntwk-Sys

(NEW ORLEANS) Nortel Networks and Mobility Network systems to

Demonstrate Integrated Wi-Fi/GPRS Networks in CTIA

SFM097 03/17/2003 08:15 r f bc-CA-Mobility-Ntwk-Sys

(SAN JOSE) Mobility Network Techniques Announces Wi-Fi and

GRPS/EDGE Unifying Client Software

ATM008 03/17/2003 08:21 r f bc-GA-Inovis-expands

(ATLANTA) Inovis Expands EDI/XML Capabilities in TrustedLink Enterprise

6.0; New Model Extends Transaction Processing and also Scalable Performance

SFM065 03/17/2003 08:22 r f bc-CA-Brocade-Communictn

(SAN JOSE) Brocade and Partners Demonstrate Next-Generation Storage

NYM129 03/17/2003 08:23 r f bc-NJ-AT&T-Qrtly-Dividnd

(BEDMINSTER) AT&T Declares Quarterly Dividend

NYM040 03/17/2003 08:29 r f bc-FL-Aerosonic-accountg

(CLEARWATER) Aerosonic Addresses Accounting Issues

DAM011 03/17/2003 08:30 r f bc-TX-TI-digital-asst

(NEW ORLEANS) Texas Instruments Introduces Industry's First

Tri-Wireless personal Digital Assistant Concept Design

DCM008 03/17/2003 08:30 r f bc-GA-WorldArwys-NASDAQ

(PEACHTREE CITY) Globe Airways Provides NASDAQ Listing Update

LAM015 03/17/2003 08:30 r f bc-CA-Broadcom-Processor

(IRVINE) Broadcom Introduces Single-Chip, Low-Cost, IP security Processor

Supporting Full-Featured AES regarding Low-End security Applications

SFM013 03/17/2003 08:30 r f bc-MA-Oak-Conexant

(WOBURN) Oak Technologies Teams along with Conexant and Network WebWare

To Offer Fax-Enabled MFP Solution

SFM027 03/17/2003 08:30 r f bc-IL-Polycom-ReView

(AURORA) ReView Video Requires Leading Honors in the Polycom Global Partner


CHM007 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-NC-BB&T-Equitable

BB&T Completes Acquisition of Equitable Bank

DCM011 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-VA-webMthds-StoraEnso

(STOCKHOLM) Stora Enso Chooses webMethods Integration

Platform for Worldwide Deployment

LAM041 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-CA-AHG-Stock-Ownrshp

(LAKE FOREST) Apria Healthcare Establishes Stock Ownership

Needs Pertaining To Senior Management

LAM051 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-CA-HIL-$17.8-Placmnt

(CARLSBAD) Dot Hill Completes Private Placement of $17.8

Million involving Typical Stock

NEM011 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-CT-Konica-High-Marks

(WINDSOR) Konica's 7820 and 7830 color Imaging Systems

Get high Marks from BERTL

NYM076 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-NY-Bunge-dividend

(WHITE PLAINS) Bunge Restricted Declares regular Quarterly cash Dividend

PHM010 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-NJ-Pharmacopeia-WuXi

(PRINCETON) Pharmacopeia Types Strategic Alliance Together With WuXi PharmaTech

PHM012 03/17/2003 08:31 r s bc-NJ-Amer-Water-Hoops

(VOORHEES) Eleven Scholar-Athletes Heading to Atlanta regarding the

National Women's Collegiate Championship Games

SFM034 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-CA-Ariba-Target

(SUNNYVALE) Ariba Hits the actual target with Invest Management,

According to Impartial Analysis Firm

SFM054 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-FL-Switch-and-Data

(TAMPA) switch and data Acquires PAIX.net Inc.

SFM074 03/17/2003 08:31 r f bc-WA-Getty-Images-site

(SEATTLE) Getty Images Offers customers greater Freedom, Selection,

Convenience Along With New release associated with gettyimages.com

DEM014 03/17/2003 08:32 r f bc-IN-Lippert-names-CEO

(GOSHEN) Chief Operating Officer Jason Lippert Appointed CEO of

Lippert Components, a Drew Industries Subsidiary

LAM020 03/17/2003 08:32 r e bc-CO-Starz-Scenes-Crime

(ENGLEWOOD) Jeff Bridges Headlines STARZ! Photographs 'Scenes in the Crime'

LAM071 03/17/2003 08:32 r f bc-AZ-HYC-ISO-Sales-Team

(PHOENIX) Hypercom Expands ISO sales Team as well as Sources as Demand

Accelerates with regard to New 'Plus' Payment Terminals and Technology

LAM089 03/17/2003 08:32 r f bc-UT-Altiris-Wise-Pack

(SALT LAKE CITY) Altiris Currently offers wise Package Deal Studio Integrated

NYM101 03/17/2003 08:32 r n bc-DC-PCRM-Veganism

(WASHINGTON) Vegan Nutrition Expert to Set Record Straight

at baby Neglect Trial

NYM127 03/17/2003 08:32 r f bc-CA-Clearant-licensing

(LOS ANGELES) LifeTek, Inc. and also DCI Donor services License New Technology

SFM092 03/17/2003 08:32 r f bc-CA-Good-MSFT-beta

(SUNNYVALE) Excellent Technologies Releases GoodLink pertaining to Microsoft

Exchange Server 2003 Beta

ATM010 03/17/2003 08:33 r f bc-FL-Cingular-in-School

(TAMPA) Hillsborough College District Along With Cingular Wireless Create

School-Based programs To Advertise Diversity, Creativity Along With Respect

DCM010 03/17/2003 08:34 r f bc-VA-AMERIGRP-AvMed-FL

(VIRGINIA BEACH) AMERIGROUP for you to Acquire 30,000-Member Florida

Medicaid line associated with Business

TO110 03/17/2003 08:36 r f bc-CoreNetworks-new-exec

(HALIFAX) Core Networks Boosts Executive Team, Adds VP of

marketing as well as Company Development

CGM036 03/17/2003 08:38 r f bc-IL-Motorola-Next-Levl

(SCHAUMBURG) Motorola Extends Tender offer pertaining to Shares associated with Next

Degree Communications Until March 21, 2003

NYM126 03/17/2003 08:38 r n bc-NY-NYSCOF-Fluoride

(NEW YORK) NYSCOF: Kids Consume A Lot Of Fluoride from Foods, Research Show

NEM023 03/17/2003 08:41 r f bc-Vt-Ver-Pure-Hld-Annc

(RANDOLPH) Vermont Pure Holdings, Ltd. Announces Very first Quarter Results

NYM120 03/17/2003 08:43 r f bc-IL-Spiegel-chap.-11

(DOWNERS GROVE) The Actual Spiegel Team Secures a $400 Million DIP Financing

Facility along with Files for Voluntary Chapter 11 Reorganization

CHM009 03/17/2003 08:44 r f bc-NC-NCEMC-Touchstone

(RALEIGH) Chuck Terrill Re-Elected for you to Touchstone Energy

Cooperatives National Board involving Directors

NEM022 03/17/2003 08:44 r f bc-MA-Cross-Country-asst

(BOSTON) cross Country Automotive Solutions Wins Chance to always be able to Provide

CHM008 03/17/2003 08:45 r f bc-KY-Brown-Will-Markets

(LOUISVILLE) Brown & Williamson Tobacco Announces Major

Advertising Initiative regarding Premium KOOL

SFM083 03/17/2003 08:45 r f bc-NJ-Novadigm-SW-Texas

(MAHWAH) Southwest Bank involving Texas Selects Novadigm's Radia Software

NYM128 03/17/2003 08:46 r f bc-IL-Hartmarx-earns

(CHICAGO) Hartmarx Studies Lucrative Fourth Quarter and Complete Year;

Anticipates Significant Earnings Improvement pertaining to 2003

MO125 03/17/2003 08:48 r f bc-a-Speedware-inf-analy

Speedware infuses analytics straight into CIO's ERP Solution

PHM018 03/17/2003 08:50 r f bc-PA-Crown-Amer-Realty

(JOHNSTOWN) Gander Mountain in order to Find Superstore in Crown

American's Washington Crown Center, Washington, Pa.

FLM008 03/17/2003 08:52 r f bc-FL-United-Financ-erns

(OAK BROOK) United financial Mortgage Corp. Studies Record Third

Quarter & Nine Month Revenues & Earnings

DCM012 03/17/2003 08:55 r f bc-VA-CACI-Reaffrms-FY03

(ARLINGTON) CACI International Reaffirms Guidance For

Remainder associated with its Fiscal year 2003

NEM019 03/17/2003 08:57 r f bc-MA-Biotransplant-Host

(MEDFORD) BioTransplant to Host Conference call in order to Supply Organization Update

CGM012 03/17/2003 08:59 r f bc-MA-Heritage-Dividend

(BOSTON) Heritage Property Investment Trust, Inc. Announces

First Quarter 2003 common Stock Dividend

FLM006 03/17/2003 08:59 r f bc-FL-Cross-Country-conf

(BOCA RATON) Cross-country for you to present from SG Cowen Well Being Treatment Conference

NYM132 03/17/2003 08:59 r f bc-NJ-AT&T-ad-campaign

(MORRISTOWN) AT&T Promotes the importance associated with Communication With

'Talk Is Actually Good' Marketing Campaign

CGM018 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-IL-Nanophase-Account

(ROMEOVILLE) Nanophase Technologies Announces Alter in

Accounting treatment regarding 2001 Transaction

CHM005 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-Toronto-BankAmerica

(TORONTO) Travelex Canada Acquires Part involving Canadian Corporate

Foreign Exchange Company from Bank regarding America

CHM010 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-SC-Sonoco-Price

(HARTSVILLE) Sonoco Announces price increase pertaining to Paper-Based

Tubes and Cores As Well As Specialty Products

DAM010 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-TX-Lennox-dividend

(DALLAS) Lennox International Declares Dividend

DEM012 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-MI-Comerica-conf-call

(DETROIT) Comerica Quarterly Earnings along with Conference Contact April 16

LAM008 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-CA-Epicor-Finalist

(IRVINE) Epicor Named the Finalist inside the 2003 eWEEK eXcellence Awards

NYM017 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-NY-iVillage-health

(NEW YORK) iVillage Will Get Towards The heart Involving Matters: New On-line Center

SFM098 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-FL-Wolverine-SAP-CRM

(MIAMI) Wolverine world Wide, Inc. Selects SAP for supply Chain

Management And Also Consumer Relationship Management Solutions

SPM099 03/17/2003 09:00 r f bc-Braskem-conf-call-web

(SAO PAULO) Webcast Alert: Braskem S/A Announces 4th Quarter

2002 Earnings Outcomes Webcast

CGM025 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-IL-Richardson

(LAFOX) Richardson Electronics Announces Global Distribution

Agreement Using Celeritek

LAM002 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-CA-Fleetwood-Homes

(RIVERSIDE) Fleetwood Homes Displays Newest House Models, Including

Modular, In 'Fleetwood's Private home Show' within Pembroke, North Carolina

LAM026 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-CO-ECLG-Moraine-Park

(FOSTER CITY) Moraine Park Technical School Achieves Record Number

LAM037 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-CO-StorageTek-Storage

(LOUISVILLE) StorageTek Harnesses Support Expertise to

Simplify Storage Management

NYM025 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-NY-Xcitek-Asset-agree

(NEW YORK) XcitekSolutionsPlus and also Asset control Announce

Strategic Partnership Agreement

SFM051 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-CA-iManage-Strength

(FOSTER CITY) iManage Extends Power Worldwide throughout financial Services


SFM077 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-WA-MSFT-Xbox-control

(REDMOND) Gamers to decide about New Colour options for Xbox Controllers

SFM082 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-CA-Sun-ONE-TCO

(SANTA CLARA) Sun(TM) ONE Communications and Collaboration Software

VA188 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-Greenwind-Optimal

(VANCOUVER) Optimal Ventures Incorporated and also Greenwind power Corp.

VA189 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-Colligo-NEC-deal

(VANCOUVER) Colligo Provides Immediate Network solution regarding New NEC

Versa LitePad Tablet PCs Proper out in the Box

VA190 03/17/2003 09:01 r f bc-Voice-Mobility-Board

(VANCOUVER) Voice Mobility announces Board changes

ATM001 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-GA-Best-Software-new

(ATLANTA) best software Adds to Vertical Portfolio Together With the

Distribution Sector Kit for Peachtree Complete(R) Accounting 2003

LAM078 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-CO-UAX-Fusion-Capital

(DENVER) USURF America Enters Straight Into common Stock Purchase

Agreement Using Fusion Capital

SFM087 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-LA-Openwave

Business Leaders Be A New part Of Forces along with Openwave for you to Deliver Location-Based


SFM088 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-LA-Openwave-alliances

Openwave Fortifies Alliances inside Mobile Entertainment

SFM089 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-LA-Openwave-Net-Assoc

Openwave along with Network Associates Team Up to end up being able to Protect Data

SFM091 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-LA-Openwave

(NEW ORLEANS) Openwave and Aplix Companion to bring Java(TM)

technology for you to Openwave Telephone Tools

SFM093 03/17/2003 09:02 r f bc-LA-Real-Openwave

(CTIA) RealNetworks and Openwave Announce Integration of RealOne

Mobile Player with regard to Openwave phone Resources V7

VA187 03/17/2003 09:02 r the bc-Flora-launch-CalMag

(LYNDEN) Flora Inc. Announces the actual Launch regarding Calcium/Magnesium Campaign

CLM002 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-IN-Made2Manage-tools

(INDIANAPOLIS) Suppliers plan for Maximum Throughput as well as Highest

Profitability Utilizing Made2Manage Systems' latest Advanced Planning Tool

DCM013 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-VA-AMS-Servce-Delivry

(FAIRFAX) AMS Urges Operators for you to Strengthen Their Particular Service

Delivery Infrastructures

DEM016 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-KY-Delphi-Actuator

(LOUISVILLE) Delphi's Smart Remote Actuator Assists Reduce

Emissions, Enhance Performance within heavy Duty Engines

FLM010 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-FL-eAutoclaims-erns

(OLDSMAR) eAutoclaims Gets In Order To Be profitable Throughout February

NYM028 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-LA-Verizon-Lucent

(NEW ORLEANS) Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies in order to Launch

Super-Fast 3G Mobile data Network inside Washington, D.C.

NYM096 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-KY-Delphi-Radios

(LOUISVILLE) Kenworth Selects Rugged Delphi Radios Pertaining To Heavy-Duty Vehicles

NYM099 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-NJ-LU-names-president

(MURRAY HILL) John Meyer Named President regarding Lucent

Technologies Worldwide services Group

NYM105 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-NJ-ANADIGICS-ISO

(WARREN) ANADIGICS' quality Management System Certified for you to Most Recent ISO


SFM086 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-LA-Openwave-Kyocera

Openwave Mobile Browser Featured on New Wireless Handsets

Via Kyocera Wireless Corp.

TO109 03/17/2003 09:03 r f bc-Imagis-Singapore-ctr.

(VANCOUVER) Imagis Technologies' ID-2000 Encounter Recognition

technology Ordered by Singapore Government

ATM002 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-GA-Best-Software-new

(ATLANTA) Nonprofit industry Kit with regard to Peachtree Complete(R) Accounting 2003

DAM002 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-TX-Sabre-Holdings

(SOUTHLAKE) Sabre Airline Remedies Leadership Chosen to always be able to Serve

on Metroplex technology Enterprise Council

DAM008 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-NY-Bondtrac-XT-contnt

(NEW YORK CITY) Bondtrac for you to Add Briefing.com Content Material to always be able to Bondtrac XT:

Firm continues to Create Its Bondtrac XT service Nearly All Robust Available

DCM003 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-LA-DTI-ClaRiFy-CTIA

(NEW ORLEANS) Dynamic Telecommunications Demonstrates your ClaRiFy

System, An Innovative New Wireless Spectrum Management Tool, in CTIA

DCM005 03/17/2003 09:04 r the bc-VA-Hlthcre-Directory

(RESTON) Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA)

Publishes 2003 HDMA Directory

DCMV001 03/17/2003 09:04 r n bc-OH-Student-Loan-Help


helps Ohio Family Members make Sense involving School Funding Award Letters

DEM005 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-MI-NEF-March-Event

(ANN ARBOR) New Enterprise Forum Announces March 20, 2003 Event

NEM007 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-NH-Aprisma-prdt-news

(PORTSMOUTH) Aprisma Selected by Sun Microsystems for Sun

Fire(TM) Blade Solution

PHM019 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-NY-Jones-Apparl-signs

(NEW YORK) Jones Apparel Group, Inc. signs License Agreement With

Amerex Group, Inc. with regard to Gloria Vanderbilt Outerwear

SFM090 03/17/2003 09:04 r f bc-LA-Openwave

Openwave Introduces Voice MMS

CGM004 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-MN-Multi-Tech-Line

(MINNEAPOLIS) Multi-Tech Announces Wireless product Line

CGM019 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-IL-NEC-award

(CHICAGO) NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Crowned Champion simply by CRN

for Exceptional LCD as well as CRT Monitor Reseller Support

CGM033 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-IL-Tellabs

(NAPERVILLE) Tellabs helps Drive capital and also Operating Expenses out

CHM006 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-NC-Hatteras-Net-Pers

(RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK) Hatteras Networks Elects

Telecommunications Veteran Fred D'Alessio To be Able To Board associated with Directors

DCM007 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-VA-GENICOM-New-Prnter

(CHANTILLY) New 26 page Each Minute Laser Printer Adds New

Performance to GENICOM Advanced Printing Systems

DCMV002 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-IA-Noel-Levitz-SCT

(IOWA CITY) Noel-Levitz Provides Enrollment Management Expertise To

Enhance the actual Worth involving SCT Administrative Solutions

FLM002 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-FL-Datamax-DMXConnect

(ORLANDO) Datamax Corporation Introduces DMXConnect, A

Comprehensive Collection Associated With Connectivity Solutions

NYM015 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-LA-GN-Netcom-headset

(NEW ORLEANS) GN Netcom Launches the particular most Advanced Wireless

Headset With Regard To business Professionals

NYM029 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-NJ-Sharp-ships-Zaurus

(MAHWAH) Sharp Right now Delivery your Most Recent Inclusion to

Award-Winning Zaurus Family: the Zaurus SL-5600

SFM007 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-LA-Ekahau-Site-Survey

(NEW ORLEANS) Ekahau Announces the Availability and Pricing

regarding Ekahau Website Survey(TM) 1.0

SFM010 03/17/2003 09:05 r f bc-LA-Open-Bit-Nokia

(NEW ORLEANS) open Bit Announces Photographer pertaining to Nokia 3650 and also 7650


LAM030 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-CA-Pharmagenesis

(PALO ALTO) Pierre Fabre Medicament signs License Agreement With

Pharmagenesis pertaining to Anti-Cancer Drug Based upon Chinese Herbs

NEM010 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-LA-Digit-SMS-message

(NEW ORLEANS) Initial SMS Message Sent with the particular Fastap(TM)

Keypad over Stay Carrier Network

NYM006 03/17/2003 09:06 r e bc-NY-Oscars-handbags

(NEW YORK) Dooney & Bourke Selected for Oscars(R) Gift Bag

NYM012 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-NY-Emergency-Bio-Mask

(NEW ROCHELLE) The sign with the times ...

NYM014 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-FL-Answerthink-SAP

(MIAMI) Answerthink as well as SAP Tend To Be any Slamdunk Regarding as well as 1 Basketball

NYM033 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-Thomson-tech-update

(NEW ORLEANS) high Tech Monday Update

SFM066 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-CA-ACCESS-Systems

ACCESS Methods America Announces Alliance Plan regarding Mobile Content

SFM067 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-LA-ACCESS-Systems

ACCESS' Premium content Platform Very first to provide OMA-Compliant

support Pertaining To Digital Legal Rights Management in Mobile Environment

SFM068 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-LA-ACCESS-QUALCOMM

ACCESS Works together With QUALCOMM for you to Supply New Browser for that BREW(TM) Platform

SFM076 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-CA-Handspring-BrhtStr

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Handspring along with Brightstar Extend Distribution of

Treo Communicators To End Up Being Able To Latin America

SFM078 03/17/2003 09:06 r f bc-LA-Rocket-Mobile

(NEW ORLEANS) Rocket Mobile Demonstrates the particular Energy involving Multimedia Messaging

Solutions (MMS) with RocketMMS(TM) regarding QUALCOMM's BREW(TM) Platform

ATM011 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-GA-Worldspan

(ATLANTA) Worldspan: CRS Deregulation Is Actually key for you to Successful Competition

and opportunity regarding Most travel Distribution Participants

DAM021 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-LA-Integrate-URS

(BATON ROUGE) URS Joins Integrate's Enterprise partner program to

Market TerraBase Environmental data Management Solutions

DEM015 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-MI-TheCarConnection

(DETROIT) who Builds your Finest Quality Cars? TheCarConnection.com Looks

NYM045 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-NY-EquiLend-LLC

(NEW YORK) EquiLend Acquires TechSpan Automated Recall Solution

NYM070 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-CA-Velio-Alliance

(MILPITAS) Arrow Electronics and Velio Communications Form

Strategic Alliance regarding Broadband Communications ICs

NYM074 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-OK-eLynx-Tech-Optigas

(TULSA) eLynx Provides Compressor Monitoring regarding Optigas

NYM097 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-KY-Delphi-truck-show

(LOUISVILLE) Delphi Item & service solutions Brings Commercial

Diesel service Range Up to 2003 Mid American Truck Show

NYM109 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-CA-Deloitte-Touche

(SAN FRANCISCO) Deloitte & Touche Launches Shared and

Outsourcing Advisory Services

NYM133 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-DC-Scalia-Gibson-Dunn

(WASHINGTON) Solicitor of Labor Eugene Scalia Rejoins Gibson,

Dunn & Crutcher LLP as Partner

SFM003 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-CA-SF-Interactive

(SAN FRANCISCO) SF Interactive Launches Rich Media Ad3 Platform

SFM061 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-CA-Palm-Inc.

(MILPITAS) Michigan Will Be about Mission to Help To Make technology an

Integral Component regarding school Leadership

SFM085 03/17/2003 09:07 r v bc-LA-Openwave-CTIA-disp

Openwave Client technology Featured throughout CTIA '20 Many Years Of

Wireless' Commemorative Display

SFM094 03/17/2003 09:07 r f bc-WA-Investor-Comm

(BLAINE) Investor Communications International, Inc. Announces Further

FLM009 03/17/2003 09:08 r f bc-FL-Fla-Funding-2003

(MIAMI) available Groundwork Awards Surge within 2003; Basis Grants

Boost through 10% while the particular State Faces heavy Spending Budget Cuts

NYM130 03/17/2003 09:08 r f bc-Thomson-Commentary

(MIAMI) European Shares Remain Negative, Nevertheless Off Lows

DCM014 03/17/2003 09:10 r f bc-MD-AFP-Wachovia-award

(BETHESDA) AFP and Wachovia Seek Entries for the 2003 Pinnacle Award


NEM027 03/17/2003 09:10 r f bc-MA-Bstn-Scie-Partic

(NATICK) Boston Scientific to Participate in SG Cowen Conference

NYM134 03/17/2003 09:11 r f bc-CT-Crane-earns-date

(STAMFORD) Crane Co. Announces Date pertaining to Very first Quarter 2003

Earnings Launch as well as Teleconference

NYM063 03/17/2003 09:12 r f bc-LA-QUALCOMM-Verizon

(NEW ORLEANS) QUALCOMM Congratulates Verizon Wireless in its commitment to

CGM024 03/17/2003 09:13 r f bc-IL-Intercept-Platelet

(BRUSSELS) Recently Printed Information inside Blood Confirm your Therapeutic

Efficacy and also Safety Regarding Intercept Platelets

CHM011 03/17/2003 09:13 r f bc-TX-Inquisite-Wheels

(AUSTIN) Wheels, Inc. driving Client Expertise Using

Inquisite Survey Solution

CLM004 03/17/2003 09:13 r f bc-OH-Midland-conference

(CINCINNATI) Your Midland company to always be able to Current at SunTrust Robinson

Humphrey's Institutional Conference

PHM020 03/17/2003 09:15 r f bc-PA-ORCOM-E-CIS-Blue

(PHILADELPHIA) ORCOM Strengthens water Consumer Care

Leadership Using Launch of E-CIS Blue

NYM041 03/17/2003 09:17 r f bc-NY-SRI-biomarker-meet

(NEW YORK) Role regarding Biological Markers throughout Acceleration involving Drug

NEM024 03/17/2003 09:20 r f bc-MA-K-Capital-letter

(BOSTON) K Money Sends Letter for you to Gjensidige Nor (GNO NO).

NYM022 03/17/2003 09:20 r f bc-VA-Versar-contract

(SPRINGFIELD) VERSAR Selected simply by Air Force to Participate inside $1.1

Billion Contract To Market Military Readiness

NYM135 03/17/2003 09:22 r f bc-CT-CTT-1stHalf-03-ern

(FAIRFIELD) Competitive Technologies Studies Very first Half Fiscal 2003


NYM050 03/17/2003 09:23 r f bc-LA-Prepaid-IN-Billing

(NEW ORLEANS) Lightbridge Adds GSM Capability to end up being able to New Release

Regarding Prepaid Throughout Billing Solution

NYM052 03/17/2003 09:25 r f bc-LA-Speech-Interface

(NEW ORLEANS) Lightbridge Introduces Automated Speech Interface

for Wireless Subscriber Approval Process

NYM053 03/17/2003 09:25 r f bc-LA-Predictive-Intel

(NEW ORLEANS) New Predictive Intelligence Capabilities Available

Using Lightbridge Fraud Centurion Suite

NYM136 03/17/2003 09:25 r f bc-Gilat-debt-reduction

(PETAH TIKVA) Gilat Announces Closing regarding Financial Debt Restructuring Plan

NYM051 03/17/2003 09:26 r f bc-MA-Lightbridge-CEO

(BOSTON) Lightbridge's Pamela Reeve Named CEO with the Yr by

Massachusetts Telecommunications Council from Annual Awards Ceremony

PHM021 03/17/2003 09:26 r f bc-PA-TimeSys-RTSJ-Kit

(PITTSBURGH) TimeSys Delivers Initial RTSJ-Compliant Java(TM)

Virtual machine and also Embedded Java Development Kit

DCM015 03/17/2003 09:28 r a new bc-IL-WrightAssn-Replica

(GLEN ELLYN) Wright Redux Association Receives Airworthiness

Certification coming from Federal Aviation Administration

CHM012 03/17/2003 09:29 r f bc-NC-BB&T-Withdraws

BB&T Withdraws OTS Application throughout Proposed FloridaFirst Bancorp Merger

NEM014 03/17/2003 09:30 r f bc-MA-AMICAS-Expands

(BOSTON) AMICAS to be able to Supply Digital Imaging Technologies to become able to Perceptive

Informatics -- the PAREXEL International Subsidiary

NYM032 03/17/2003 09:30 r f bc-NY-Bunge-exec-appoint

(WHITE PLAINS) Bunge limited Announces Executive Appointments

PHM003 03/17/2003 09:30 r v bc-MD-MS-Society-Dietz

Tom Gandolfi Will Get National MS Society's 2003 Hope Award

PHM005 03/17/2003 09:30 r n bc-PA-Weightman-Question

(PHILADELPHIA) `To Always Be or Not Necessarily to always be able to Be'

SFM049 03/17/2003 09:30 r f bc-WA-PictureIQ-Ubit

(SEATTLE) PictureIQ and Ubit Companion in order to Assistance Image Content

business pertaining to Cell Phone Solutions within Europe

SFM060 03/17/2003 09:30 r f bc-CA-Tektronx-modules

(BEAVERTON) Tektronix' Newest Optical Oscilloscope Modules Boost Designers

flexibility Any time Tackling Emerging Standards Along With Multiple Information Rates

CLM005 03/17/2003 09:31 r f bc-OH-KeyCorp-earn-date

(CLEVELAND) KeyCorp Announces First Quarter 2003 Earnings

Launch Date along with Conference Call

CLM006 03/17/2003 09:31 r v bc-OH-Littler-Mendelson

(WASHINGTON) Legal Experts available to be able to Explain Known As Up Guard and

Reservists' job rights and Employer Obligations

NEM025 03/17/2003 09:31 r f bc-CA-Supergen-Completes

(DUBLIN) SuperGen Completes patient Enrollment inside Investigational

Cycle III Clinical study of Decitabine

CHM002 03/17/2003 09:33 r f bc-TX-NCI-Building-pers

(HOUSTON) George Martinez Elected Director involving NCI

LAM032 03/17/2003 09:35 r f bc-MT-RightNow-Locator

(BOZEMAN) RightNow Locator 3.0 Connects Site Clients With

Physical store Locations, Escalating Sales

NEM028 03/17/2003 09:35 r f bc-CA-Bytemobile-Enables

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Bytemobile Enables Operators to always be able to Unlock

hidden Billing Opportunities

DCM017 03/17/2003 09:37 r f bc-DC-XM-Radio-Acura-RL

(WASHINGTON) Acura Begins shipping XM-Equipped 2004 Acura RL

Models For You To Dealerships Nationwide

NEM029 03/17/2003 09:37 r f bc-CA-Bytemobile-node

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Mobile data Zooms together with New Bytemobile 2.0

Optimization Support Node

PHM022 03/17/2003 09:38 r f bc-FL-Mellon-Operations

(MIAMI) Mellon Moves Directly Into New Mellon Monetary center in

Miami as Florida Enterprise Expands

PHM023 03/17/2003 09:38 r n bc-PA-Liberty-Museum

(PHILADELPHIA) Philadelphia Kids speak Out on Violence; Youngsters are

the particular Experts as of this National Liberty Museum Neighborhood Forum

DCM018 03/17/2003 09:42 r f bc-VA-CircuitCity-Divdnd

(RICHMOND) Circuit Metropolis Stores, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend

CGM037 03/17/2003 09:44 r f bc-IL-Man-Securities

(CHICAGO) MORNING UPDATE: Man Securities Problems Alerts for


DEM017 03/17/2003 09:44 r f bc-MI-TX-Salion-praised

(AUSTIN) Carnegie Mellon's SEI Praises Salion's Enterprise and

software Development Processes

CGM038 03/17/2003 09:45 r f bc-IL-Man-Securities

(CHICAGO) MORNING UPDATE: Man Securities issues Alerts for


CGM043 03/17/2003 09:45 r f bc-MN-APA-Optics-acquis

(MINNEAPOLIS) APA Completes CSP Acquisition

CGM039 03/17/2003 09:46 r f bc-IL-Man-Securities

(CHICAGO) MORNING UPDATE: Man Securities issues Alerts for


CGM040 03/17/2003 09:46 r f bc-IL-Man-Securities

(CHICAGO) MORNING UPDATE: Man Securities issues Alerts for


CGM041 03/17/2003 09:47 r f bc-IL-Man-Securities

(CHICAGO) MORNING UPDATE: Man Securities Concerns Alerts for


NEM031 03/17/2003 09:47 r f bc-MA-RSA-Sec-Rese

(BEDFORD) RSA security Wireless Analysis Reveals Threat of

'Drive-By Hacking' Still on the Rise

LAM091 03/17/2003 09:48 r f bc-CO-CareerFair-Post

(DENVER) Post-News Occupation Fair March 19, 2003 Colorado's The Majority Of Potent Job


DAM020 03/17/2003 09:49 r f bc-TX-CMAI-Olefins

(HOUSTON) CMAI 2003 Globe Mild Olefins Analysis Addresses Key

Questions On Long Term Recovery regarding Mild Olefins Industry

NYM137 03/17/2003 09:50 r f bc-CT-Oxford-drug-formul

(TRUMBULL) Oxford Well Being Plans Delivers Drug Formulary On

Handheld Computers By Means Of ePocrates

DCM019 03/17/2003 09:54 r n bc-VA-NVTC-Comp-Clbhouse

(HERNDON) Third Fairfax County computer Clubhouse Opening about Tuesday,

NYM139 03/17/2003 09:54 r f bc-NJ-Virgin-Mobile

(WARREN) Virgin Mobile USA Announces Assistance For

Consumer-Friendly Wireless Nearby number Portability

CGM042 03/17/2003 09:55 r f bc-MN-KMWorld-Honor-West

(EAGAN) KMWorld Journal Honors West as 'a Organization that

Matters in Knowledge Management'

CGM045 03/17/2003 09:55 r f bc-MN-US-Bancorp-Asset

(MINNEAPOLIS) several Initial American Funds Merge

PHM024 03/17/2003 09:55 r f bc-NJ-Amer-Water-Team

(HADDON HEIGHTS) New Leadership Team of New Jersey-American Water


CHM014 03/17/2003 09:57 r f bc-VA-NorfolkSouthern

(NORFOLK) Annual Report: Norfolk Southern Relocating in the Correct Direction

ATM014 03/17/2003 09:58 r f bc-GA-NIRI-meeting

(ATLANTA) NIRI Atlanta March Meeting: Managing IR inside a Crisis Environment

DCMV003 03/17/2003 09:58 r v bc-VA-wiredscholar-tips

Sallie Mae Provides advice in order to College-Bound Secondary School Seniors: What

You Will Need for you to Recognize with regards to Educational Funding Award Letters

LAM004 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-UT-SNTO-New-Vice-Pres

(AMERICAN FORK) Sento Corporation Appoints Russell Baird Vice

President of Remedies Development

LAM016 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-CA-iMetrikus-device

(CARLSBAD) iMetrikus Reaches Milestone Through Integrating Support

associated with 25th Device With Regard To MediCompass

LAM050 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-CA-AVANIR-Clinical

(SAN DIEGO) AVANIR Initiates Clinical Trial Plan for

Novel Allergy/Asthma Treatment

NEM005 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-MA-Casino-City-Press

(NEWTON) Your Gambling Online market Study Handbook will be Now

available through Casino Area Press

NYM024 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-NJ-Brunelli-Survey

(OLD BRIDGE) List Vacancy Price throughout Central N.J. Declined to 4.8%

within 2002, Annual R.J. Brunelli Survey Reports

PHM004 03/17/2003 10:00 r n bc-PA-East-St-Buscemi

(PHILADELPHIA) Steve Buscemi to Narrate Eastern State Penitentiary Audio

Tour; `Voices involving Eastern State' Audio Tour Will Celebrate Tenth Season

SFM024 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-CA-CMP-SD-West-2003

(SAN FRANCISCO) Best software Development Organizations for you to Showcase

Their Particular Newest Goods from CMP Media's SD West 2003

SFM064 03/17/2003 10:00 r f bc-CA-Calpine-CA-contrct

(SAN JOSE) Calpine Indicators Long-Term 200-Megawatt California

power Revenue Agreement

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